InstructionsFor this short-answer Assessment, you will answer a series of short answer items to demonstrate your understanding of the healthcare policy-making process.Access the following files and information in the resources section to complete this Assessment:Huntington’s Outreach Project for Education, at Stanford. (2012). Medical marijuana policy in the United States. Retrieved from Loss Data Institute. (2013).The effects of Michigan’s weakened motorcycle helmet use law on insurance losses. Bulletin, 30(9).Borck, N. C. (2014). Weaker helmet laws increase motorcycle fatalities. Retrieved from Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute. (2015). Motorcycle helmet use. Retrieved from, T. R., Fujiwara, P. I., Washko, R. M., & Hamburg, M. A. (1995).Special article: Tuberculosis in New York City—turning the tide. The New England Journal of Medicine, 333(4), 229–233.Cooker, R. (2000).Tuberculosis, culture, and coercion, 10(3), 161–163.

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