Nursing  nursing

or this assignment, you will interview a registered nurse who has a current nursing license- this could be an advanced practice nurse. If you do not know a nurse, ask one of your faculty members for help.The purpose of this exercise is to help you identify the role of a registered nurse in addition to professional issues around licensure.During the interview address the following questions:What does being a Registered Nurse mean to you? What is your favorite/least favorite part of being a nurse?Describe your nursing experience. Where? Length of time? Specializations?Do you feel nursing is a profession or an occupation?Do you belong to any nursing organizations? If yes, how does this impact your practice? If no, why? What is the primary deterrent from joining one?How do you maintain your licensure?Once you have conducted your interview, write up your answers and submit as an attachment.  Your response should be 1-2 pages in length.

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