Nursing  response

I need a response to the following peersPEEOver the past years many people have been able to obtain insurance coverage as a result of ACA, as consequence more doctors and FNPs are needed to be able to meet the growing demands brought y the health care reforms. FNP are key to reaching this goal, they are many programs created to educate and train more NPs. If effectively integrated into the healthcare delivery system, greater use of nurse practitioners could provide much-needed respite in the midst of our dire primary care physician shortage. In 2018 The Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) was implemented and having a plan of care or insurance was required. Also, ACA would add a tax penalty for anyone who did not purchase a qualified health insurance plan. A lot of people took advantage of the opportunity because the government was allowing lowers cost of health insurance for all qualified individuals. Some examples of carries offering health plans at lower cost was blue Cross Blue Shield, Molina, and Ambetter. (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017).There is no doubt that nurses are poised to assume roles to advance health, improve care, and increase value. However, it will require new ways of thinking and practicing. Shifting your practice from a focus on the disease episode of care to promoting health and care across the continuum is essential. Truly partnering with patients and their families to understand their social context and engage them in care strategies to meet patient defined outcomes is essential. Gaining greater awareness of resources across the continuum and within the community is needed so that patients can be connected with the care and support needed for maximal wellness. Tracking outcomes as a measure of effectiveness and leading and participating in ongoing improvement to ensure excellence will require exquisite teamwork as excellence crosses departments, roles, and responsibilities. “Nurses can no longer take a back seat—the time has come for nursing, at the heart of patient care, to take the lead in the revolution to making healthcare more patient-centered and quality-driven” (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017).R 1 (lAU)PEER 2 (YARL)Health Care Reform and Role of Nurse PractitionerHealth care reform policies are known to promote the quality of health care by providing all the individuals with increased and safe care services at decreased cost expenditure. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) with their advanced educational knowledge and clinical training skills are known to play an excellent role in addressing the shortcomings in the healthcare system due to the lack of the proper resources in preventing diseases and improving the health of the population. They are involved in providing the patients with direct care to promote positive health outcomes among the population (Erickson, 2016).It is noted that the present primary healthcare workforce is unable to meet the emerging demands which were recently impelled by the health care reforms. This inability necessitates the federal and state governments to broaden the role of NPs in primary care settings to deliver the patients with effective and safe healthcare (Bernazzani, 2016). Reimbursement and the scope of practice requirements are the major barriers that a NP experiences with the emerging healthcare policies in the country. Hence, expanding the prime role of NPs in every primary care setting by removing all the obstacles helps in providing better and positive health outcomes in primary care settings (Bernazzani, 2016).As per the Affordable Care act (ACA), health insurance coverage is provided to everyone eligible in the country in order to benefit from the essential health benefits and claim excellent quality and affordable healthcare services (AssuredPartners of Texas, 2017). Some of the common factors that are involved in the transformation of the healthcare system include the unsustainable cost and poor-quality concerns. This leads to the need for change in the role of nurse practitioners. Change in the role of NPs is known to create a transformative role in the healthcare system by providing the population with patient-centered, cost effective and better health outcomes which in turn are known to promote the overall healthcare system of the country (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017).

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