Nursing  Thoughts

What are your thoughts??Euthanasia, also known as good death or mercy killing, has been practiced for centuries. It can be broken up as active or passive and as either voluntary or involuntary. Active and/or passive refers to ending life and voluntary and/or involuntary refers to the agent of the decision (Shelly, & Miller, 2006). Christians are opposed to active and voluntary euthanasia. Many medical and nursing professionals are also opposed to it. As of 2018, in the United States, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, Montana, Washington D.C. and California, assisted suicide was legal (Wells, Frey, & Cataldo, 2013). I feel a person has a right to make their own decision about euthanasia. I am not here to judge a person wanting to end their suffering.Suicide, on the other hand, is act that deeply saddens me and would do anything in my power to stop. I realize that a person is essentially ending suffering that stems from psychological and emotional illness. However, I think many young people are resorting to suicide without having any medical intervention. It is extremely disturbing to hear kids as young as ten taking their lives because of peer pressure, bullying and personal reasons. It is a known fact that a teens brain will not fully mature until the age of 25. They react impulsively and without rational. Adults that have suffered from mental disease for years and have been medicated and treated, is a different scenario for me. I am not accepting of it but I do think that they are in such a bad place that they feel ending their suffering by suicide is their only option to peace. Christians clearly do not support suicide. I do believe mental illness is an evil that people suffer from but I also believe a person needs to make every effort to fight that evil. I also believe supporters need to not necessarily understand but to just be there for them and support them in any way they can.

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