Please use the following link to a word document for this assignment:Assignment 2 Digestion-1.docx** There are 2 parts to this assignment please make sure you submit both to be eligible to receive full credit. The more detail you use during this assignment the more prepared you will be for your exam.Part 1:Draw (to the best of your ability) the digestive system including the accessory organs discussed in the book. All digestive/accessory organs need to be included and clearly labeled. You may include a drawing of a ‘person’ surrounding the organs but this is not required. The organs you draw should resemble the way they fit inside the human body (this helps me know that you know the order food travels through them and where they are located in reference to one another)Part 2In a Word Document list the digestive and accessory organs (in order food would travel through the body) and describe their functions in digestion. If a secretion or enzyme is created mention what it’s function is for digestion as well.***Please only submit word documents or scanned images, I am unable to open ‘Pages’ on my laptop or office tablet. Thank you

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