overtime abuse in california essay

Research Paper Specifications

· The paper should be thoroughly researched on a topic of relevance to human resource management.

· A works cited page is required. You must list at least 4 academic sources such as journals, texts and newspapers. Internet web sites may be used but they will not qualify towards this requirement.

· The paper should be 10 pages in length.

· Typed neatly with 1” margin, 1.5 spacing and 11-point font.

· Include a title for your paper.

· If applicable, include charts, tables and graphs in an appendix. Reference their significance in the paper.

· Include a works cited page in MLA format as well in-text citations.

· Carefully proof-read and edit your papers. Grammar and spelling mistakes will receive a reduction in score.



How big companies that make a 10hour shift the norm by paying double the “last” 2 hours but in reality 10 hours is the minimum of how long the shift is. I will be talking per experience, since I was once a delivery man for Amazon, and how unfairly we were treated with easy 60hrs in a week with no benefits.

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