pages answer 5 questions

I need at least 2 pages to answer these five qestions below from the PDF file that I uploaded and the other from elctronic resource:

Questions for Response Paper # 3

Reading: Viola Shafik, Arab Cinema, pp.48-121; Andrew Hammond, Pop Culture Arab World!: Media, Arts, and Lifestyle (Santa Barbara, CA.: ABC-Clio, 2005) pp. 112-141 (electronic resource).


1)      1-According to Andrew Hammond, what were the reasons behind the decline in Arab cinema (particularly in Egypt) after the 1970s?

2)      2-Both Viola Shafik and Andrew Hammond discuss the extent to which Islam effects Arab cinema. Compare and contrast these two views.

3)      3-What is the role of symbolism in Arab films? To what extent is the use of symbols in these films influenced by Western films?

4)      4-What are the major formselements of popular theatre that we can see in Arab films?


5)      5-Why did music play a significant role in the development of Arab cinema? (Give examples.)

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