paragraph at least 7 complete sentences

Jabari and Marisela are in fifth grade. They both arrived in the U.S. three months ago and are struggling in school and at home. Jabari is living with his aunt and uncle he had never met before. Marisela’s family doesn’t have enough money to pay their bills. Marisela doesn’t think she will ever learn English. Jabari doesn’t think he will ever succeed in an American school. They are feeling hopeless and thinking about giving up.

Explain why they should believe that they can succeed. Show them how to use three tools or ideas such as what Strong Questions can they ask to help them, what they Can Do to help them and Not to do Yet, Class Guide- what whey can do in class to help them, and organizational skills.

  1. You can write a letter with at least 7 complete sentences, make a video that is at least 2 minutes long, or create a PowerPoint with at least 7 slides.
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