Part 3 Of 3 Of BEHS 103 Presentation Project

Part 3: PresentationBased on the research you have done on the topic of Technology and criminology, you are to present your findings in a well-crafted original presentation. Your presentation should cover the components listed in the rubric below.The presentationYour presentation will be done in a narrated slide show Powerpoint format. Your presentation should contain about 10-15 minutes of content. Use the rubric presented below to structure your work. Be sure to touch upon each required component.Discussion questionsIn addition to your presentation, you will post a discussion question about your topic..  Your question should be open-ended and thought-provoking to ensure a rich discussion.Your final presentation will be graded according to the following criteria:CategoryExcellentGoodFairPoorPresentation(20 points)Interesting and original presentation that holds audience   attention(20 points)Interesting presentation that holds audience attention   most of the time(17 points)Delivery not terribly interesting, but able to maintain   interest of the audience some of the time(14 points)Delivery not interesting at all; audience attention often   lost or not engaged(11 points)Topic statement & significance(10 points)Clearly explains topicExplains why topic is important in modern society(10 points)Clearly explains topic and why topic is important to   society, but some minor aspects are missing(8 points)Explains topic and why topic is important, but some major   aspects are missing(6 points)Topic is unclearORthere are several factual errors(4 points)Traces history of topic and its impact on society(10 points)Effectively traces history of the topic and its impact on   society(10 points)Traces history of topic with minor omissions(8 points)Traces history of topic with major omissions(6 points)Poor or no effort at tracing history of topic(0 points)Incorporation of relevant data and research(10 points)Incorporates relevant references to at least 5 scholarly   sources(10 points)Incorporates relevant references to 3-4 scholarly sources(8 points)Incorporates relevant references to 1-2 scholarly sources(6 points)No references to scholarly sources(0 points)Cross-cultural comparison(5 points)Clear and well-stated comparison of how topic impacts at   least one other culture(5 points)Cross-cultural comparison made, but with some details   missing(3 points)Cross-cultural comparison implied, but major details   missing(1 point)No cross-cultural comparison made(0 points)Policy Issues(5 points)Clear and well-stated illustration of how policy impacts   chosen topic(5 points)Impact of policy on chosen topic mentioned, but with some   details missing(3 points)Policy impact implied, but major details missing(1 point)No mention of policy impact(0 points)Discussion of future trends and how technology in this   area will impact society in future(10 points)Excellent and thorough discussion of future trends and   impact(10 points)Good discussion of future trends and impact, though some   minor points missing(8 points)Fair discussion of future trends and impact, but lacking   in clarity and/or major points missing(6 points)Unclear or no discussion of future trends and impact(0-4 points)Citations(5 points)*reference list must be provided somewhere in the   presentationCorrect use of in-text citations and reference list(5 points)Mostly correct use of in-text citations and reference list(4 points)Several errors noted for in-text citations or reference   list(2 points)Many omissions of citations and references(1 point)Mechanics(5 points)No misspellings or grammatical errors in materials(5 points)A few minor misspellings and/or mechanical errors in   materials(4 points)Several misspellings and/or mechanical errors in materials   that do not detract from the presentation(3 points)Several misspellings and/or mechanical errors in materials   that detract from the presentation(2 points)Discussion question(5 points)Posts excellent discussion question to classmates(5 points)Posts good discussion question to classmates(4 points)Posts fair discussion question to classmates(3 points)Poor or no discussion question posted for classmates(0 points)Monitoring peer feedback(5 points)Excellent job responding to class comments(5 points)Good job responding to class comments(4 points)Fair job responding to class comments(3 points)No response to class comments(0 points)Peer evaluation(10 points)Average of peer evaluation scores (via survey  link)Total/100See the attached document for the complete list of the entire projects requirements for all 3 parts. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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