pepsico assignment

Pepsico Assignment

Worth 20 points.

Please enumerate your answers.

Chapter Nine

After reading chapter nine and watching the chapter nine/ten powerpoint presentation, answer the following questions:

Part A: PepsiCo Survey Evaluation

  1. What is your viewpoint on PepsiCo’s D & I Survey?
  2. How does it relates to their D & I goals?
  3. What did you think about the components included? Be specific don’t just say they were okay.
  4. How is this survey utilized in their D & I initiatives?

Part B:

  1. Why would it be important to have senior leadership support in D & I (Diversity & Inclusion) goals and activities?
  2. How could diversity training help to achieve the outcomes from table 9.2? Who would need to be trained?
  3. Choose two of the companies beginning on powerpoint slides 8 through 13. The powerpoint slide seven states to do the following for your two companies:
  1. State where you think the company is at when the lawsuit occurred: exclusion, symbolic inclusion, prescribed inclusion, inclusion—see chapter nine/ten in book for definition.
  2. Where do you think they are today?
  1. Read article in slide 17 (by double clicking the link or right clicking it) titled: headscarf,
  1. What is your opinion?
  2. Do you think it is easy to fight discrimination against large companies? Why or Why not?

If the link does not work, go to google chrome and the type the following: houston chronicle Muslim woman denied job over head scarf wins in Supreme Court

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