Unit 5 is about Ethics, which belongs to AXIOLOGY, as branch of Philosophy dealing with VALUES of RIGHT or WRONG. Our unit 5 discussion will focus on the issue of WHAT IS GOOD? vs WHAT IS RIGHT? Often moral agents tried to make decisions based on the good—rather than what is right. Relate based on your experience this issue. What is the bases for your moral decisions? THE GOOD or WHAT IS RIGHT? Share your thoughts to others about this. What do you think is the moral consequences of actions when we based our decisions on the GOOD rather than what is right? AFTER POSTING YOU CAN DO REPLIES TO TWO OF YOUR CLASSMATES POSTS. PLEASE WRITE YOUR IDEAS BY FOLLOWING THE GUIDE QUESTIONS BELOW FOR THIS DISCUSSION:1. HOW DO I DECIDE IN MORALITY? SHALL I JUDGE BASED ON WHAT IS GOOD? OR SHALL I JUDGE BASED ON WHAT IS RIGHT? WHY? SUPPORT YOUR STANCE.2. HOW TO ACHIEVE THE GOOD AND THE RIGHT? Aristotle believed that “moral activities (of person) are human par excellence” –meaning: acting morally is highest expression of what it is to be human. Aristotle’s idea of good life emphasizing BEING GOOD FIRST. This is his reaction to his master Plato. Plato believes “knowing the good first, for one to do the good.” Thus, Plato believes that ignorance to the good makes one does evil. Aristotle reacted on Plato’s argument.  He proposes, “being good first (person who is good/ with character first by HABITUATION/by practice) makes one does the good. It is the character is at stake and important, not the action itself nor knowledge of the good itself. Cite examples why knowledge of the good does not guarantee of doing the good. Kant on the otherhand uses the CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE–THE RIGHT THING IS OUGHT TO BE DONE, EVEN IT MAY NOT BE GOOD FOR YOU.WRITE YOUR POST (10 PTS) ON THE FIRST 2 DAYS OF UNIT CALENDAR AND WRITE YOUR REPLIES FOR 2 OF YOUR CLASSMATES AFTERWARDS (10 PTS).

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