phl2001 essay about socrates descartes and or theory of knowledge

Select two from among the following on which to write. Each essay should be typed, double spaced, be a minimum of 2.5 to 3 pages in length (for a minimum of 5-6 pages for the exam, though this may be longer if one of the essays exceeds the minimum), and clearly refer to related texts where appropriate.

1.What is the Socratic method/elenctic? How and why does Socrates use it in Athens? Explain the charges against him, including the rationale behind each charge, and indicate to what extent, if any, he is guilty of each charge. Is what Socrates does valuable for a society?

2.Explain Descartes’ argument for cogito ergo sum and his wax example. What are his arguments against other types of knowledge and what is the method he employs? Why does he employ this method? How does he ultimately prove that he exists? What does he come to know about wax and corporeal reality through the wax example? What do these elements of his philosophy tell us about his view of knowledge?

3.What is justification and how does it function in the theory of knowledge? How does skepticism inform our understanding of justification? On your view, is there a value in some form of skepticism? What is Hume’s argument concerning causation, necessary connexion, and induction, and how does this argument relate to skepticism concerning justification?

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