pick one and write 2 pages on it




You have all selected a topic related to Roman culture for your intended Classics Fest poster presentation. ISU’s move to online instruction until April 13 means Classics Fest is cancelled.

SO, here is your alternate assignment.

This is designed to give you opportunity to critically examine your chosen topic, share your research in essay rather than poster form. Your essay should also include consideration of issues of cultural differences, societal values and relationships, and your thoughts on your own culture and value systems through comparison and contrast to the language and culture of the ancient Romans. By using multiple lenses such as race and ethnicity, gender, social class, regional culture, and religion we may better consider our own cultures in comparison to elements of the Roman world. The goals of this portion of our class are to help you develop skills for better understanding your culture in comparison and contrast to another culture or language. You will also be able to use your beginning knowledge of Latin and Roman culture in developing an increased understanding of the world today.

Please read the following carefully and ask me via email marilyn.bisch@indstate.edu if you have questions.


To aid our understanding of ancient Roman culture and the historical and contemporary importance of the study of Latin, you will continue to conduct research into your chosen topic of special interest to you which is related to ancient Latin language and Roman culture.

If you wish to collaborate with a partner in conducting research you may. Just make sure you pick a partner who will share the work equally. Because…


Each of you will also be required to write your own essay about your topic and your experiences conducting your own cultural research with a special focus on what you learned from your research about both Roman culture and your own.

Keep in mind that if you work with a partner researching your topic you will each write an individual reflective essay.

Your essay must be submitted electronically via Turnitin on our Blackboard page. No late submissions allowed without permission from me, Magistra Bisch.

ESSAY DEADLINE! Due to Turnitin by 11:59 p.m. on April 9


In your essay you will summarize your research on your topic and reflect on what you learned about your aspect of Roman culture and your own from your research.

Keep in mind that these are guidelines for a formal essay and not a bullet-point list or outline.

● Length: 2-4 typed pages. Use a 12 point font. Allow 1 inch-margins, top bottom, sides. Please make this double‑spaced.

This should be written in English, with the occasional Latin word or phrase, as needed.

Be thoughtful in your analysis. Use correct English grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation.


I know some of you have already begun to select illustrations related to your topic to use on your poster. If you wish to include some of these in your essay, you may. Insert them into the text where appropriate and be sure to include a source citation under each. See my example below.

● Content:

Introduction:Introduce your topic for your reader. Then synthesize important information on why you selected your particular topic to research. Is it something you just became interested in? Does it relate to your studies in other classes? Is it a topic you have wanted to explore because of your personal interests? That sort of thing.

Including your topic question here can be useful. This guides your reader to the answers to this you will provide in the Main Development.

Your Introduction should be one paragraph in length.

Main Development:Every topic is different, so you will need to develop your own criteria as you explain your own in written form. You’ll do well if you guide your reader by dividing your information into 3 major sections.

Here’s a suggested outline:

1. The origin and/or general background of your research topic.

Examples: “The Roman god Jupiter was the son of … His birth story is interesting because…”

2nd century AD relief of a sacrifice to Jupiter at the Capitoline Temple in Rome. http://www.museicapitolini.org

“Chariot racing was a very popular sport in Rome. Races were held in…”

2. Central details about your topic. Think about what you find most interesting about your topic. These will probably interest your reader the most as well.

3. Your thoughts on how your topic fits with what you know about Roman culture. Consider: What does the information you learned about your chosen topic suggest to you about the overall values of Roman culture?

Examples: “Jupiter’s place as king of the gods and father of many reflects the importance of fathers in Roman society…”

“These races reflect the Roman love of spectacles, public games, and …”

Your Main Development should be three paragraphs in length.

Conclusion:Critically analyze and reflect on what you learned about Roman culture and your own from your research. What aspects of your topic did you connect with or find most interesting? Why?

Select THREE key words or phrases in Latin or English that you learned or came to understand in a better or different way during your research which you feel best highlight what you have learned about Roman culture as it compares to your own. List and briefly explain each of these as they relate to what you have learned from this project exploring Roman culture in comparison and contrast to your own.

Your Conclusion should be one paragraph in length.

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