please read the required carefully,before agree

This is the vocabulary. I want writ for each word definition and example. Before that read the chapter 1,2and3


Chapters 1 & 2


1. curriculum concepts (Note: There are seven such concepts.)


2. scope and sequence


3. official curriculum


4. operational curriculum




6. how to choose a curriculum for analysis (Hint: these are considerations you will undertake)


7. curriculum, documents to be considered when choosing a curriculum to analyze (Hint: these are document types that are relevant to a curriculum analysis)


8. A Nation at Risk and its relationship to problem formulation


9. role of planning elements when choosing a curriculum to analyze

In these chapters and throughout the text, please note the references to Dewey and Tyler. You will be reading a lot about them in the other texts.



chapter 3

1. five theoretical perspectives which influence curricula (define each of the five)



2. one key proponent for each type of theoretical perspective





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