please write a 150 word peer response for answer 1 and another 150 word peer response for answer 2 11

Answer 1

Risks of Avoiding Confrontation of a Problem Employee

It is quite often that organizations come across problem employees who can make things tough for the organization. The major aim is that the objectives and outcomes of the company should not be at threat because of a problem employee. This is the reason why confrontation is important. Confronting these problem employees gives out a clear message to all the other employees working for the organization as they realize that the performance and behavior of the employees is being checked upon and the same would be expected of everyone else working for the company. Also, it gives an assurance that problem employees will be dealt with and keeps the motivation and morale of the other employees high(“Why (and How) to Confront Problem Employees”, 2020).

However, a manager must always keep one thing in mind that confronting does not mean taking an action directly. There are various stages of confrontation that a good manager must always follow. Firstly, the manager must listen to what and why is the employee acting and behaving the way he or she is. After being aware of the entire situation, it is important for the manager to give a constructive feedback with consistency. Along with the feedback what is necessary is that the problem employee must be explained of the kind of consequences that he or she would face if they do not bring the necessary changes in their work and behavior. If required, it would not be wrong on the manager’s part to fire the problem employee if he or she keep creating further problems for the organization and do not bring any change in their work or behavior. Therefore, it very important to confront a problem employee in order to maintain an organization’s profits and outcomes because the presence of any one difficult employee can result into a lot of problems with regard to results of the company and can also lead to affect the work and behavior of other employees (Andersen, 2020).


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Answer 2

Risks of Avoiding Confrontation of a Problem Employee

Confrontation is the main aspect of improving the organizational culture and it focuses on bringing the two parties to gather to raise the arguments, discuss concerns, issues and other concepts. The problem employee will create severe damage to the organization, in the case, when a business leader avoids or neglects the confrontation of that particular employee. One of the major risks is that problem employee damages the organization culture as other team members will be disturbed or influenced with the problem employee because of showing unusual behavior. It makes some major impact on the overall performance and productivity because the morale and loyalty among the employees will be reduced because of possible conflicts with the problem employee. The relationships among the team members will be disturbed and it will make an impact on the team collaboration where each team member will not ready to share ideas, options and not considers the other perceptions (Adu et al. 2015). Such kind of situations will reduce the competitiveness of the organization and will make an impact on sustainability in the business.

With such kind of poor organization culture, a business firm cannot able to make a decision with confidence. For suppose, it is not possible for a retail organization to achieve the successful implementation of technology, when there is enough resistance available from the problem employees. The problem employee might create separate teams by influencing some team members and will try to create damage to the business processes and growth. Omisore and Abiodun claimed that the people involved responsible for the conflict will not care about the organization and will commit to doing any action or activity to satisfy the self-interests (Omisore & Abiodun 2014). For instance, there are many internal attacks are recording where the sensitive information of the companies is leaking to the outside by the employees working inside. This kind of risk possible with the problem employees and it is the responsibility of the management to focus on confronting a problem employee.


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