power point presentation with executive summary

Determine which recommendations directly affect how nurses provide care at the bedside.nursingDescpower point presentation with executive summaryriptionYou have been tasked by your Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) to provide a report and present to the board of directors about how your organization is transforming based on Health and Medicine Division (HMD) recommendations in high-profile reports.Review the HMD reports.Determine which recommendations directly affect how nurses provide care at the bedside.Research quality indicators at the organization where you practice, one in your community, or one of interest.Cite evidence from the organization’s quality measures that demonstrate they are carrying out the HMD’s vision.Provide specific examples from the organization in the form of changes in care, governance, training, communication, https://weassistessays.com/essayquestions/ and partnerships.Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title and reference slide. Include speaker notes on each slide) about your findings with detailed speaker notes.Include a 260-word executive summary in the last slide of your presentation. ** Please include the executive summary in the SPEAKER NOTES of the PowerPoint Presentation. The Executive Summary needs to be clearly identified in the SPEAKER NOTES so it is easily seen and recognized. Rather than spread out the Executive Summary on several speaker notes, I would suggest that you set up a slide with the title -Executive Summary- and include the actual executive summary in the speaker notes of that https://convenienthomeworkhelpers.com/blog/ slide.

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