Powerpoint Should Consist Of 15 Slides. Rubric Is Attached .PLEASE FALLOW THE RUBRIC

Unit V: NeuroCerebrovascular attackStudy/Oral PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines• Abstract of the presentation (150 words maximum) • In depth preview of the topic • An exemplar and discussion of a relevant research study using the method CaseGRADING RUBRIC: ORAL PRESENTATION 100 points total 10% of grade CRITERIA MAX. POINTS EARNED POINTSAbstract (Introduction) provided is less than 150 words (A brief overview of the background of the topic are provided).10% An exemplar or case study using the system is presented and discussed.10% 8 Pathophysiology of the System15% Clinical Manifestations 10% Diagnostic Studies/ Laboratories10% Clinical Management/ Treatment Modalities15% Evaluation of Treatments10% Patient Education and Safety (QSEN)10% Class discussion is facilitated 10%TOTAL 100%

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