preparing for project 2 1

Due Date: Wednesday by 11:59pm


The lectures you have reviewed this week will come in handy when you begin working on the articles for Essay 1 this week, so I want to make sure you reviewed them carefully. (Review Lecture: Comparative Analysis)

For now, I just want you to reflect a little bit on what you have read so far. Please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have any previous experience with comparative analysis? What did you know? (no worries if it is nothing).
  2. What were at least two takeaways you had from the materials that will help you with structuring Essay 2? How will they help you?
  3. At the moment, do you think you will organize Essay 2 with point-by-point or block?
  4. Do you have any further questions on how to organize Essay 2?
  5. How helpful were the videos? How helpful was the worksheet/outline?

Remember to be specific in your answers.


  • Please respond in a full paragraph (5-7 sentences) for question 1-2. Questions 3-5 can be short answer (2-3 sentences).
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