Professional Beliefs Paper: Person, Nursing, Environment, and Health

Northern Illinois University NURS 347

Professional Beliefs Paper: Person, Nursing, Environment, and Health and Voice Thread Presentation


There are four dominant concepts in nursing: Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing. Diversity (culture) is a sub-concept that moves through each of the four major concepts. Students may choose to include culture with Person. People enter nursing with definitions of these concepts that derive from their own personal experiences. Inherent in their definitions are their values, attitudes, and beliefs. It may be helpful to think of this process as values clarification- what these concepts are and what they are not.

This paper is a reflection on the four concepts and how the concepts interrelate based on the semester’s learning experiences. This paper is a personal statement of values; therefore, there are no “right” or “wrong” statements. However, it is expected that the student will address the four concepts including culture; identify major aspects of the concepts; draw relationships among them; analyze and evaluate alternative points of view; and draw conclusions that logically derive from the values expressed by the student for the concepts of Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing.

In addition, we have had many discussions regarding safe and quality care; include in your conclusion how the concepts of nursing (Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing) impact safe and quality nursing care.

The paper reflects the student’s ability to engage in critical thinking. The criteria for assessing critical thinking include:

 Interpretation of concepts using salient arguments and substantiating a point of view by reflecting alternative points of view.

 Explanation of assumptions and reasons with accurate interpretation of evidence.  In-depth and thorough thinking processes that reflect open mindedness, fairness, and

honesty in recognizing personal biases.  Willingness to reconsider judgments.


1. Title: Personal Professional Beliefs Paper 2. Abstract: a brief summary of the most important parts of the paper (about 300

words) 3. Introduction: Brief paragraph stating the purpose of the paper. 4. Body of the paper: your definition of the four concepts and substantiation (why)

for your personal beliefs. (What the concept IS and what it IS NOT based on varying points of view reflected in the literature and course materials.)

5. Interrelationships between Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing. 6. Conclusion: discuss how the concepts impact safe and quality nursing care. 7. It should be typed using APA format with 12 point Times New Roman font,

double-spaced, one inch margins, header, section headings, and content shall not exceed 5 pages.

8. The writing should be clear, coherent, and organized with appropriate grammar and syntax.

9. Provide a title page, abstract, and reference page (these are excluded from the 5 page limit).

10. Include at least 2 references from scholarly journals, biographies, texts, or professional organization or .gov resources. These may support/contrast your belief.

11. Limit the use of direct quotes.

Beliefs Paper Introduction 5 Aspects of Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing are covered

 The paper flows logically and is well expressed with your original ideas/terms

 Culture/diversity addressed  Use of references to support/contrast viewpoint


Conclusion  Addresses how concepts impact safe and quality nursing

care 10

Scholarly Writing  APA format (referencing, page limit, spacing, title page,

abstract, spelling/grammar, page number, running head, headings, at least 2 professional/scholarly references, reference page)

 Clarity of writing; evidence of critical thinking and analysis


Voice Thread Posting and Discussion  Post Presentation to Voice Thread by due date: summarize

your paper into a presentation for the group. You may organize how you wish but make sure that all concepts as well as relationships, culture, and quality and safety are presented.

 Comment/ask questions of at least 3 other presentation  Monitors Voice Thread Presentation and responds to

questions from others


Total Points /50

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