professional Communication r

Find at least two recent (within the last five years), credible articles discussing professional communication, effective communication in the workplace, and/or communicating through mediated communication channels.List your sources using APA formatted references.You can organize your assignment in a question/answer format. Be sure to use information from your research to support your responses.1. Identify the different types of mediated and online communication channels. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.2. Which of those channels do you personally communicate through most often and why? Is that your preferred communication channel – why or why not?3. How do YOU communicate differently in a mediated or online communication channel versus a face-to-face exchange?4. What considerations should you make when selecting the most appropriate channel for the message you want to convey?5. Discuss why our communication behaviors change depending on the type of medium or channel we use.6. Thoroughly discuss at least five strategies or guidelines for communicating effectively using mediated communication channels.

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