programming 113

Graded Programming Assignment 5: Focus on Basic file operations, exception handling Save a copy of the file assign5data.txt (attached to the assignment)

Write a program that will

  1. Open the file assign5data.txt
  2. Create a second file processed.txt
  3. Read the numbers from the file one at a time. For each number write into the secondfile, if possible, its i. squareii. square root.
    iii. reciprocal (1/number)Use a math module function for the square root.Use exception handling to trap possible errors.
  4. Report the number of items in the original file and the number that were successfullystored in the second file.
  5. Report the number of each type of error: ValueError, ZeroDivisionError,TypeError

Rubric is applied proportionately to each component (program) in an assignment. If only part of the assignment is submitted, only part of the total score is given.

page1image1208564976 page1image1208563280 page1image1208564160 page1image1208565568 page1image1208564768

Excellent (100)



Strong (85)


Acceptable (75)

page1image1208576592 page1image1208577072

Poor (50)

page1image1208579872 page1image1208580416

No Credit (0)

page1image1208586448 page1image1208584352

Weight (% of total)

page1image1208588624 page1image1208589168


page1image1208591616 page1image1208592896

All required items submitted on time in correct format on Blackboard.


Most (80-95%) required items submitted on time in correct format.


70-80% required items submitted on time in specified format.

Completed less than 70% of required items on time in specified format.

page1image1212944480 page1image1212945088

Not submitted on Blackboard, or submitted more than 20 hours late.1


page1image1208611040 page1image1208611584

Coding standards

page1image1208615952 page1image1208616560

Fully follows the coding guidelines as presented on Blackboard. Excellent use of white space, variables, code formatting and comments. Code is understandable, and well-organized.


Mostly follows the coding guidelines. Generally good use white space, variables, code formatting and comments.


Includes necessary file comments. Minor problems with one or more of use of white space, variables, code formatting and comments.

Doesn’t include required filecomments.
Poor use of white space, variables, code formatting and/or comments. Disorganized and messy.

page1image1208670848 page1image1208671456

Fails to identify sources for code elements obtained from outside class materials. Obvious evidence of copying.


page1image1208684064 page1image1208684608

Problem solution

Addresses all of the problem requirements and provides an effective, cleanly coded solution. Solution code demonstrates an understanding of course concepts.

Addresses all of the problem requirements. Minor details of the program specification are violated,

Addresses most of the problem requirements and code shows an effort to cover the course concepts

Some attempt to address problem requirements.

Problem requirements have not been addressed. Code shows little understanding of the course concepts.


page1image1208740240 page1image1208740784



Program always works correctly with all suitable input, producing correct results.


Program functions correctly for suitable inputs, except for less common cases, generally producing correct results.

Program produces incorrect results for some inputs, common as well as uncommon (For example, by using incorrect formulas or expressions.)

page1image1208780848 page1image1208779120

Most results are incorrect.

All results are incorrect, or the program fails to execute because of syntax errors.

page1image1235825808 page1image1235834176


page1image1235838496 page1image1235835360


page1image1235843328 page1image1235756320


Output is correctly formatted, as specified.



Formatting may deviate slightly from specs in some places.


Output formatting is present, but generally doesn’t followspecs.

page1image1208815952 page1image1208813840

Program output isunformatted or doesn’tinclude appropriate text elements.

page1image1208822288 page1image1208822832

No output.

page1image1208828704 page1image1208826704


page1image1208829200 page1image1208829616

1. No credit for deliverables == no credit for the assignment. For an assignment submitted late, without pre-approval, the maximum score will be no more than 85% of the original maximum. For the complete late policy, see the Programming Assignment guidelines.

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