Project Plan Assignment #2

1. Research on the Internet  these two systems: EPIC & Allscripts EMR Systems and provide in writing these types of services that both companies provide:ImplementationTrainingTechnical ServicesOngoing ServicesContinuous Improvement2. Then, based on your information on both companies, you determine which company you will use to implement the new EMR system. Also, explain why you chose that company based on the five items listed above (implementation, training, technical services, ongoing services, and continuous improvement). There is no right or wrong answer on which system you choose.3. As project manager, you will also need to determine if you need PCs or laptops and how many for XYZ Physician’s group. You make the “call” as to why you should have PCs or laptops (or both); but, you must explain why you made the decision. Also, research the cost for PCs and/or laptops (Bestbuy is a good source). You will need to provide two different companies’ cost for the PCs and/or laptops. Then, come up with a grand total for the total cost for the PCs and/or laptops for each company. Lastly, you make the “call” which company you will buy the PCs and/or laptops from.* write two pages at least.

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