public administration amp study of fragment cities short answer

Short answer and double space, will include some information regarding the work to help you:

-Q-1-The metropolitan battleground is fragmented along space, race and ethnicity lines in both the cities and suburbs. How relevant is the State’s input in metropolitan governance? 112 words

Help inf for Q1-:

Over the years, we have tried to bring order to the task of really governing the metropolitan region

The ideas offered thus far has been:

–Metro Gov

–New Regionalism

–Smart Growth

–New Urbanism

•Social problem

–Alienation; poverty concentration

•Economic problem

–Infrastructure costs

•Environmental problem

–Pollution, loss of farmlands

•Health problem


-Q-2-When it comes to regulations, public attention is often focused upward to the federal level. However, state governments should not be ignored in terms of their regulatory functions. Why? Please discuss based on the readings. 112 words

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