public economic management assignment topics choose one of the following topics at least 2500 words 1

1.Using the concepts of market failure and government failure, discuss the mix of state and private provision in the housing and transport sectors in any one country of your choice.

2.Discuss how global public goods problems can best be managed.Review alternatives drawing on examples of important global public goods and considering the literature on global public goods.

3.Critically discuss whether central banks should be independent drawing on evidence from a number of countries.

4.Discuss whether the trend to separate regulation of financial intermediaries from central banks produces good results, drawing on empirical evidence from a number of countries.

5.Discuss the role of the state in economic development. Critically review laissez faire and interventionist policies drawing on experience from a low- or middle-income country.

6.Discuss the effectiveness of medium-term fiscal frameworks drawing on experience from a number of countries.

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