Race and Identity or Language, Status, and Identity

Choose either Option A or Option B. Formulate an initial post in which you address the points noted in the prompt for your chosen option.Option A: Race and IdentityHistorian Robin Kelley stated, “Race was never just a matter of how you look, it’s about how people assign meaning to how you look” (Herbes-Sommers, 2003). Considering what you learned from the Social Implications of Race video clip, Chapter 3 in your textbook, and your own experiences, answer the following questions:What do you think is meant by the term racial smog?How do racial categories shape our identities and social status?Option B: Language, Status, and IdentityAnthropologists believe that language sends messages about who we are, where we come from, and with whom we associate. Based on the readings, explain how language can determine status. Using section 4.8 of the textbook, provide specific examples that illustrate and support your point of view.Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required materials and/or other scholarly sources. Cite your sources in the body of your post and provide a complete reference for each source used at the end of itPLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND TO INCLUDE ALL PARTS REQUIRED. ATTACHED ARE THE CHAPTERS NEEDED ALONG WITL RESOURCES AND EXPECTATIONS. MAKE SURE TO CITE ALL RESOURCES WITHIN WRITTEN WORK

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