real world application paper organizational communication the office


  • A movie (The Office) where you observe organizational concepts we have studied in class played out. Briefly summarize the plot of the movie (The Office) in your own words.If you use a source to help you summarize the movie (The Office), make sure to cite the source.
  • Clearly identify TWO concepts that we have covered or will cover (if you read ahead you may want to address a topic we have not yet covered) that you see played out in the movie.
    • Briefly explain each concept to demonstrate you have a clear understanding of the concept.Remember, even if you are summarizing content from the text, you still need to cite the text.
    • After briefly explaining each concept, briefly explain how you see it played out in the movie (The Office).
  • Please include the following components:
    • Introductory paragraph: Introducing the movie and previewing the two concepts.
    • Paragraphs briefly explaining the movie, briefly identifying and explaining each concept, and connecting each concept to the movie content.
    • Concluding paragraph: Summarizing the movie and the concepts you selected to focus on for your analysis.
    • A minimum of two credible sources is required – the textbook(Richmond, V. P., McCroskey, J. C., & Powell, L. (2013). Organizational communication for survival (5th ed.). New York: Allyn & Bacon.) and the movie(The Office)
    • Two full page in length and APA Formatting.
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