Reflection journal

Guided Questions for Reflective Journal #3

The purpose of the reflective journals in this course is to build your reflective thinking which will lead to increased emotional intelligence (Riley, 2020). The second reflective journal will focus on social awareness, one of the EI domains. Please be sure to complete all readings and review module resources prior to answering guided questions. Responses should be substantive and not just a few sentences. This is about students having a better understanding of what makes an effective communicator. As this is a reflective journal, you are not required to provide references, but if you do use any citations, you will need to provide a reference list.

Emotional Intelligence Domain: Social Awareness (Level 2 or 3 heading for paper)

Ø How well do you understand nonverbal social signals focused on the person you are communicating with? Think about “social distancing” as our new norm? How do you feel when someone encroaches your space? What about those who do not want to wear masks, and when questioned they react out of anger. You can find lots of videos related to this.

Ø Do you try to view others in a positive view? Think about the “difficult” or “frequent flyer” patient? How do most healthcare workers react to a patient who continues to be noncompliant with medications or health regimen, and lands back on your unit time and time again. How do you stay positive and nonbiased? Think about how you represent yourself on social media sites.

Ø How can you work on understanding the basic human emotional needs of your clients and colleagues? Think about the nurses on the front lines during a pandemic. How do you separate out your own feelings of insecurity, fear and anxiety when needing to care for critically ill patients? Pull in your readings and resources from this week.

Ø What types of “games” do people play, especially when under duress? How do you maintain personal integrity when those around you do not? An example might be academic cheating. How would you define academic cheating? You may want to refer to the student handbook or college handbook for guidance.

Ø How might you feel if you overheard others expressing their views about a behavior or how you respond in stressful situations? How would you reply to your colleagues?

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