rel 126 4 disscussion questions

DQ 1

This Chapter provides the background for “the note from Papa” requesting the meeting at The Shack. In some cases tragedy brings people closer together or closer to the divine, while on other occasions it isolates people. What happened with Mack? Why? If you would like, you can share a personal experience or one that you may have witnessed when people were either drawn closer or separated by tragedy. Do not share personal details, simply outline the circumstances and the result.

DQ 2

How is God portrayed? Why is it significant? Are you surprised? Why or why not? Any ideas about how Christianity refers to this doctrine of three individuals existing in a single entity?

DQ 3

Papa reveals many things about God – which do you find the most significant and why? Be specific

DQ 4

Jesus reveals many things about himself – which do you find most significant and why?

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