Research Investigation

As you study human life-span development, you will learn about all the factors that affect people throughout their life. These factors include physical, social, and environmental influences. While we understand how many of these factors affect a developing child and continue their influence into adulthood, our knowledge is still developing. The same factors may affect two different people in very different ways, and many variables come into play. Research also gives us new insights; for example, as we learn more about genetics, we get more answers on the nature versus nurture debate. The final project is meant for you to propose a hypothetical study. You are not and should not be conducting human subjects research for this project. It is not necessary for the purposes of this assignment. All human subjects research requires written approval from the SNHU COCE Institutional Review Board in order to protect the welfare and ensure ethical treatment of the subjects. For the final project, you will prepare a research investigation, which includes a literature review and a proposed research design. You will examine research on one of two topics presented in the first three modules of this course (see further information in the prompt below) for how developmental psychology has changed, and you will investigate a potential gap in the research that has not been addressed by the provided articles. This assessment will allow you to foster and improve your skills at reading, interpreting, and writing psychological works. It will also help you to learn your place within the field and how to combine both your personal perspective and opinions with established, empirical research to make original claims. This project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Three, Five, and Six. The final product will be submitted in Module Eight. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes: • Describe foundational research regarding the human life span by examining the historical evolution of the field of developmental psychology • Determine appropriate research designs used in developmental psychology for application in the study of aspects of the human life span • Examine issues of ethics in foundational research in developmental psychology for informing appropriate conclusions • Interpret claims made by foundational research in developmental psychology for conveying appropriate conclusions that are supported by peer reviewed evidence • Develop basic research questions supported by peer-reviewed evidence by identifying gaps in the research of developmental psychology

Prompt For your final project, you will conduct an investigation of the foundational research in developmental psychology using the provided Literature Worksheet and Research Design Worksheet. You will choose one of two tracks of provided articles to conduct your literature review and develop your research design. You will analyze the research presented in the course for how knowledge around the human life span has changed over time, as well as how researchers have approached the study of the human life span. You will also consider the issues of ethics that are or are not addressed in the research. Following your review of the research, you will identify a gap and develop a research question designed to further explore that gap. This will include how the research supports your research question and how you would approach addressing your research question.
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6-1 Final Project Milestone Three: Conclusions Draft

The gap which I identified in the research articles is that research has been done on how prenatally exposed children are affected in terms of academics and problem-solving skills. Also, one analysis showed the areas to be addressed by educators to help their learners overcome the challenges. However, the research did not look at how educators can prevent the prenatally exposed learners from failing in their academics. I think that this gap should be explored in future research because a significant number of children have been prenatally presented, the teachers have noticed this deficit but lack the way to help out the learners, therefore, if this issue can be looked in, then the teachers will no longer struggle in helping out the learners. More so, the learners will not have to struggle and feel demoralized, and they will be able to achieve their careers.

The claims made by the authors in my chosen research can be used logically in informing future research into my identified gap in different ways. For instance, one of the articles states that teachers have identified the needs of the students that have been prenatally exposed but lack ways to help them. This, therefore, shows that further research is required in the identified gap to help educators achieve their goal of instilling wisdom and knowledge in learners and making a positive impact on it. Therefore, the logic behind the gap is to deliver quality education to learners from educators. Another way in which the articles will logically inform the identified gap in future research is by mentioning the challenges that educators undergo with prenatally exposed learners as well as the problems that the prenatally exposed learners experience. Therefore, raising urgency to help both the learners and the educators to curb the challenges.

In the field of psychology, the research will be vital because it will help in the study of development stages in prenatally exposed children. In psychology, the stages of development that are usually studied are those of children who have not been prenatally exposed. Therefore, the education system and syllabus are designed in a manner that is favorable to the prenatally exposed learners. Through this study, the field of psychology will expand by studying how prenatally exposed learners develop. Therefore, the stages of development, especially in terms of cognitive abilities as well as problem-solving skills, advancement will be made. Also, other aspects of development will be looked into. I also think this should be treated as a different branch because it looks at the marginalized children in society.

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