research paper topic water issue

Water Issues –depletion of safe, clean water supplies; overuse of water for agriculture orrecreation activities; water allocation policies who is getting it vs. who should be getting it (river pacts, buying up of water rights)

Step 1:Reference List and Articles Copy (25 points). Search the web for five media sources that contain scientific research articles about your chosen subject. Each original article must be about at minimum two pages or 900 words long. Find at least two scholarly articles and those can be over 10 pages long. Look in online newspapers, magazines, and journals. Do not use encyclopedias, travel promotions, articles that are not sponsored by a legitimate periodical, or articles that do not address research. Choose a variety of media sources – if all your articles come from GEOLOGY.COM, you will lose points. Your five articles should cover different aspects of your subject. For instance, if your subject is earthquakes, and you submit more than one Insert date Part 1: Course Syllabus 4 | Page article about one specific earthquake, you will lose points. Search for articles that have a scientific approach to your subject matter. Articles that report on Hurricane X, striking country X, resulting in XX number of dollars damage and XX deaths, will not receive any points. Create a reference list citing the five chosen articles, including a hyperlink to each article, and a copy of the author’s (not yours) abstract if it’s a scholarly article or the article’ text in full if it’s a short article.

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