respect and stewardship and interpersonal communications




1.                    The concept of respect in stewardship is common-sense knowledge to some. However, the value is the hardest to master because it is imbedded in all the activities of a leader.


                Explain what respect means to you.


                Discuss the concept of stewardship.


                As a steward leader, discuss ways that you can employ respect.


2.                    Leaders who have “people” skills are marked by a profound respect for others’ character and faith in their potential, which is why they enjoy being with people and interact well with them. Explain the statement “The backbone of people skills is reciprocity.”


                 Discuss at least three (3) ways that you can enhance your interpersonal              connections.




This post is a word count of 300 (150 for each question minimum) using APA formatting, with intext citations, and references. Due on Sat. March 14, 2015


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