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at least 150 wordsThis really depends on the individual.  In my case, the most important days of the year are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and other specific days that are recognized by our national government.  However, someone from another culture or religion may end up celebrating different religious holidays and days that are important to them.  I know that cultures and different religions have different beliefs.  Therefore, I cannot impose my beliefs onto someone else just as they cannot do the same to me.  Instead, it is important that teachers and school administrations understand and recognize the differences that everyone share and give everyone the same opportunities to celebrate.  The part that I feel as though everyone should participate, is in the national holidays.  Especially on the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a North American holiday and the Fourth of July, Independence Day, is a very significant time in the history of the United States of America.  This day, specifically, is the day that allowed for the United States government’s ruling that everyone is free to practice the religion that they follow without persecution.  In my opinion, this should be one of the most important dates not only for those who are American citizens, but for immigrants who have sought refuge or to better their lives.When it comes to school days, the first day and first week of school are very important for teachers.  This helps teachers set their rules, procedures and take control of the classroom right from the start.  Another very important day is the first day that students come back from their holiday vacation.  It is very important for teachers to re-establish their presence in the classroom and refresh their students on the rules and procedures all over again.  This helps the teacher by making sure the students know that nothing has changed and all of the same expectations are in place.

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