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respond at least 150 wordsWhen working with students that physical impairments there are several different accommodations that can be done in the classroom to help the student. Two of these accommodations are specially designed seats and classroom layout. Depending on the type of disability, there are specialty seats that are designed to fit the student and allow them to sit in a way that will provide them with full use of their arms and hands, while still supporting their body and elevating pain (Heller, Forney, Alberto, Best & Schwartzman, 2009). Classroom layout is another accommodation that is very easy to perform and yet very effective. Arraigning the desks in a way that allows the student free and easy access to their desk and other areas of the classroom can make the learning process easier for the student (Heller, Forney, Alberto, Best & Schwartzman, 2009). It can also help the student emotionally. Making sure that the student has access to the entire classroom can help add a level of normalcy to the student and in turn make them more at ease. In the end the idea is to help the student function in the classroom environment and that can easily be accomplished by just making a few simple adjustmentsHeller, K., Forney, P., Alberto, P., Best, S., & Schwartzman, M. (2009). Grand Canyon University – Digital Resources. Retrieved from

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