rhetorical analysis greta thunberg united nations press conference


Above is a link to what you will be working with. The first 2 pages is the Greta Thunberg speech that you will be analyzing.

The essay will consist of 7 paragraphs, plus at least 1 example of logos, 1 example of pathos, and one example of ethos.

In the first paragraph, you will need to restate/summarize what the speech is about, and the message behind it.

The next 5 paragraphs, you will need to find 5 separate rhetorical terms (page 11 on the PDF) that Thunberg uses in her speech and go into detail about each of the terms and how they fit in the speech. Again, 5 terms, 5 paragraphs.

Next you will give an example of each – logos, pathos, and ethos within the speech

Finally, you will end with a conclusion in your final paragraph.

Let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

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