Scholarly Paper for Nursing

Scholarly PaperThe purpose of this paper is to choose a Human Science Nursing theory and discuss how thistheory will inform your practice as a student nurse.Questions to consider:• What Nursing theory seems consistent with my personal values and beliefs?• What do I hope to achieve from using this theory?• How can I use this theory to improve my practice for myself and for my patients?Required Elements:I. Maximum 5 pages, double space, APA 7th ed.II. References required.III. Introduction, body, and conclusion.IV. Brief description of chosen theory.V. Evidence of analysis related to above questions.Nursing theories to choose from· Environmental theory – Florence Nightingale· Theory of Caring – Jean Watson· Science of Unitary Human Beings – Martha Rogers· Health as Expanding Consciousness – Margaret Newman· Human becoming Theory – Rosemarie Parse· Humanistic Nursing – Paterson & Zderad

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