script format has to include everything in essay provided in requirements should be 4 6 pages long in script format just make a story in script format from the essay provided below

The story takes place in Boston Massachusetts. It begins with a boy named Eric Pedro. When he was growing up he lived in a nice home and both his Mother and Father held steady jobs. He came from a big family where his mother, Lisa, was the youngest of eleven children. His father, Rick, was the the fourth of five children. Eric began going to Catholic school with his cousin Ryan when he turned five. He and his cousin Ryan would wear their uniforms every day, despite countless pleas with their parents for them to transfer. Eric was an athletic kid who began to make friends while playing four square at recess with his fellow classmates. He would go to his cousin Ryan’s house after school every day where his Uncle John would watch them until his Aunt Linda would arrive home from work to make them dinner. After dinner one of Eric’s parents would arrive to pick him up. Eric also began to excel outside of school in hockey. This resulted in him and his parents traveling forty plus minutes to practice multiple times a week, plus games on the weekend. At hockey Eric became very close

with his fellow teammates through the long carpool rides. He routinely travelled with a kid from a few neighborhoods over, named Evan Reddick. Evan became Eric’s best friend and their parents decided to send the two together for middle school. Eric finally escaped his uniform in the sixth grade when he started at Breed Middle School, the largest public middle school in the city that held 1400 students. Evan and Eric were fortunate to find out they were in the same homeroom and had nearly every class together. Fortunately for Eric his one class without Evan, was the one class he had with his cousin Ryan who happened to transfer to the same school as him for the start of middle school. Eric began to excel in school making honor roll while also being an impactful player on the middle school hockey team. He also was the class clown helping him to be friends with many kids at the school. While his social life with sports and school was thriving, his once steady home life began to crumble. While in the sixth grade his parents got a divorce that was a result of years of fighting and substance abuse that Eric had no idea about. His parents messy divorce took its toll on Eric mentally and he began to become very anxious. He started to become disruptive and his grades began to fall off as middle school continued. In the eighth grade Eric met a kid named Jonathan at baseball and they began to hang out after practice. Eric began to drift away from Evan and his old group of friends and instead replaced them with a new rougher crowd. After baseball one day Eric decided to go over to Jonathan’s and while there he was presented with the opportunity to hit a joint. Eric made the choice and decided to hit the joint. He was looking for an escape, something to help manage his anxiety. As Eric was preparing

to graduate from his middle school he was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity attend St. Mary’s the only high school in his city with a division one high school hockey team. Eric went on to school there where not even a handful of his middle school friends were continuing down the same path. It was a new start where he found himself starting from scratch again. He continued to go to his friend Jonathan’s house after school everyday where they would smoke, since he found himself struggling to make friends at his new school. This continued until hockey season began in December, once on the ice he became confident and quickly found himself bonding with his new upperclassmen teammates on the varsity team. He started to become comfortable and began to adjust well to his new school and new friends. His grades started to rise again and his play on the ice was stellar. He began to get looks from prep schools throughout New England and ultimately decided to repeat his sophomore year at Tabor Academy. He moved into his new boarding school an hour away from home and for the first time in his life he was away from home and on his own. He struggled his first year at his new school as the curriculum was much tougher than that of his previous school. He started to receive tutoring from faculty at school that allowed for him to pick his grades up again. While attending school there Eric realized hockey wasn’t all he wanted and shockingly to his family and friends he decided to attend college in Florida and to give up hockey. For the first time in Eric’s life he wasn’t an athlete and was not playing sports. He moved into school and started over from scratch again, having to make new friends again while no knowing anyone. He joined clubs and began making friends, going out and being more social. He became accustomed well to college and is now receiving multiple six figure job offers.

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