Sense Organs

Answer the following questions using ONLY the powerpoint attached.1. Mention 4 pathological conditions of the eye, define them, explain the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of each one.2. Divide the following terms, label the component parts and give the meaning of the medical term:a. hemianopsiab. anisoconeac. conjunctivitisd. meringotomye. tympanoplasty3. Two symptoms of the at that can occur alone or in conjunction with other conditions are Tinnitus and Vertigo. Explain what each condition means (in one paragraph each)4. Mention three medical terms that have the suffix -opia and two medical terms with the suffic -cusis. Divide them, label them and give their meaning.5. What is tonometry, slit lamp microscopy, LASIK, vitrectomy, cochlear implants and audiometry. Explain

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