Set Goals and Objectives for Women’s Health

Assignment 2: Clinical Skills and Procedures Self-AssessmentThe Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical Skills Lists and Resource Review document provided can be used to celebrate your progress throughout your practicum and identify skills gaps. The list covers all necessary skills you should demonstrate during your practicum course.For this Assignment, you assess where you are now in your clinical skill development and make plans for your practicum. Specifically, you will identify strengths and opportunities for improvement regarding the required practicum skills and procedures. (THIS IS ON THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT)AssignmentBased on your self-assessment (ATTACHED) and course learning outcomes (ATTACHED), choose a theory of nursing to guide your practicum experience.  Then, develop 3–4 goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Include them on the designated area of the form.  Ensure that you follow the SMART Strategy to set goals and objectivesNEED A INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION, MUST INCLUDE 3 SCHOLARLY REFERENCES TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT BASED ON THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS.Course learning objectives link: Strategy Link:

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