statement of purpose 58

I need one page paper for interest of attending Alabama A&M University for the graduate program of kinesiology. There is bullets below of what to include in the paper,

-I fell in love with the school of Alabama A&M when I visited the campus. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. When I spoke with the students that attend the school, they spoke very well about the professors. They stated the professors was always willing to help, understandable, and friendly.

– My major of interest is Kinesiology. My dream career is to be athletic trainer. I always was interested in that career field when I got the opportunity to job shadow the athletic trainer of BHP high school. I enjoy interacting with the team players, learning about the qualifications and opportunities that is available of being athletic training, and also traveling.

– I graduate from Voorhees College May 2016 with Bachelors degree of Sport Management

– With me going back to school for masters this is me stepping out on faith. I lost my aunt Sept. 2019 of lung cancer and then later I lost my uncle January 2020 of liver cancer. When I graduated college in 2016 they was so proud of me. They reminded me everyday they was so proud of me when I felt like I didn’t accomplish anything in life. They even reminded if I want to further my education to go for it. They always told me to step out on faith. So this is my time to step out on faith and further my education

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