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Talking Points

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Assignment Guidelines and Grading Rubric

Introduction and Objectives

For this assignment, create a “Talking Points” document to fictitiously extend a policy recommendation to a political individual or group. (You might also consider sending it if appropriate.) Your Talking Point can be on any topic you are passionate about, such as a public health nursing issue, a generic public health/population/community issue, a discovery you made during your Windshield survey, or a subject you are interested in as a community member. What is important is that you have a point, perspective, or opinion to share with some facts to back up what you are presenting about or advocating for on behalf of a group, community/population. Include 1-2 well-developed paragraphs on a separate page from your letter explaining why you chose the individual (or group) you are writing to, including a statement about why you are interested or passionate about the subject, and your personal gains from this assignment. This does not need to be in APA format. Choosing the individual (or group) and the rationale behind your decision is sometimes a crucial step in the political process. You will not accomplish much if your letter is never read!

Feel free to use examples from the Internet of how to effectively write to an official (such as a school board member, an elected official, a county commissioner, the Public health agency Board of Health, the state Health and Human Services Department, an editorial for the local newspaper, etc.). Use your own style of writing. This does not need to be in APA format. Use the format and writing style appropriate for the person, group, or organization you are sending it to. Although this is fictitious, write your talking points paper so that it could be ready to send!

Submit your report to the assignment submission folder labeled “Talking Points”.

Your assignment will be graded using the following criteria:

  • Paper should be about ONE page (a professional page or a formal letter, so NOT in APA format, unless it would be appropriate to do so). Writing succinctly is part of the assignment consideration as it is important in the “real world” if you want your letter to be read/published!
  • Provide a salutation (WHO this goes to, including their title and/or credentials or the agency). (2 points)
  • Clearly state your case/issue in a paragraph. (4 points)
  • Clearly provide your compelling proposal/solution/message – perfectly/sharply presented, perfect spelling/grammar, etc. (4 points)
  • Include rationale to substantiate your content/message (refer to an evidence-based resource or cite another source that supports your proposal). You do not need to include the actual source document for this assignment, though know that you would if actually sending it. You could list this as a reference at the end or and/or cite it in the letter. (4 points)
  • Request a specific stance on the issue. As a Public Health Nurse, what kind of assistance or collaboration are you requesting? (4 points)
  • Close with gratitude for their time. Yes, really! (1 point)
  • Your name/credentials. (1 point)
  • Your paragraph documenting why you chose whom you wrote to, why you are interested in the issue/problem, and gains from the assignment. (10 points)

Grading Rubric


Point Total

Your Points

Salutation / Introduction


Case / Issue


Proposal / Solution / Message




Specific Issue




Name / Credentials


TOTAL POINTS (paper plus paragraph on why you chose your topic and person or persons.)


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