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1.       Fly high travel does not book trips to Washington, D.C., for tours  of national monuments ; to Las Vegas to see shows : or to Boston to visit historical sites. Instead, Fly High specializes in  “adventure trips…. In the air, sea, and land”. If its shark watching off the Barrier Reef, paragliding from a cliff in Acapulco, or mountain climbing in Nepal, Fly High is the traveler’s answer.FlyHigh books adventures like feeding stingrays in the Caribbean, animal photo shoots in Kenya, and kayaking down the Colorado River. Fly High also makes travel arrangements for scuba diving in Hawaii, spelunking in French caves, and skydiving anywhere in the world . To reach as wide an audience as possible. Fly High is building its web site ( Fly High’s CEO wants this web site to include trip information, testimonials from satisfied travelers, pricing, and photos that highlight each trip’s excitement.





Build the web site for FlyHigh including the following content:

·         Specific trip information travelers need  to plan their ( costs, accommodations, options , and so on)

·          Information international customers will  need  ( passports , visas, vaccinations , or inoculations)

·         Information  for Fly High  clients who travel with families ( alternative , age – specific activities)


·         Information for Fly High ‘s  “ fit and fearless” clients whose travels will involve extreme sports

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