Go to the Internet and find an article that discusses the same topic. Then write in a short essay format a minimum of 250-300 words per article, explaining the article and then give your opinion to the pros or cons of the article.

DO NOT USE ANY ARTICLES THAT ARE OLDER THAN 2008. There is much out there about these topics and so I expect recent articles. 


Here are the three articles that i would like: Chapter 1 – Terrorists or Freedom fighters?

                   Terrorist Objectives

Chapter 2 – The Just War Doctrine

                   New Terrorism

Chapter 3 – Women as Terrorists

                  Abu Nidal


The entire paper should be between 1000-1200 words.  250-300 words per topic.  for example 150 words explaining the article and 150 words giving your opinion.  APA format and sources cited.


Each topic should have a total of 300 words per say. That would be 150 words explaining the article and 150 giving your opinion.  


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