The nursing preceptor rotates throughout various clinical units

AbstractThe nursing preceptor rotates throughout various clinical units within healthcare facilities to meet nurse staffing needs to improve quality patient care. Preceptors encounter numerous challenges to understand their roles and support to support newly hired nurses in the transition process. Taking the novice nursing preceptors through effective education programs may reduce gaps between preceptees knowledge and skills and unit/department expectations (Joswiak, 2018). This project aimed to develop an educational program for nursing preceptors in a hospital setting to promote newly hired nurses ensuring high-quality patient care. Benner’s From Novice to Expert Theory was utilized as the theoretical frameworks for this project. Five content experts voluntarily participated in the review of the educational PowerPoint for content validity.Chapter ILippincott Solutions (2017) defined nursing preceptor as an assistant, clinical resource, experienced nurse who boost and evaluate nursing skills for newly hired nurses to work independently and confidently.( Consider changing the first sentence to one that doesn’t start immediately with a reference ) The preceptor is responsible supporting newly hired nurses. This creates challenges such as patient safety, professional attitude, workload, policies, and support. (How does this create challenges? ) These challenges can result in increased turnovers for both preceptors and new nurses (Why is the turnover a concern? A sentence describing the why here is relevant, then go into the statistics of it )) (Valizadeh, Borimnejad, Rahmani, Gholizadeh, & Shahbazi, 2016). This is can be costly: one study estimates an up to $58,400 cost for turnover per nurse (What does this mean for the institution? For patient safety? ) (Kennedy, 2019). A developed preceptor program can help manage these challenges and decrease the turnovers rate by understanding the preceptor’s roles and learning skills to increase the confidence, which is essential to train newly hired nurses (Kennedy, 2019). (Does the preceptor program understand the role, or do you mean the nurses understand their role because of the program? )

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