The safety and well-being of the children is always paramount in any case

Ethics – Chapter 4

Ethics – Chapter 4 Program Transcript


On-screen Graphic: Ethics – Chapter 4

On-screen Graphic: A few minutes have passed since the HSP’s most recent meeting with John regarding the status of his visitation rights, and she sits alone in her office reflecting on her thoughts about the case and, specifically, her ethical requirements as part of her role as a HSP.

On-screen Visual: The HSP sits alone at the table in the coffee shop and reflects on her meeting with John.

HSP: (thinking to herself) – Here I have this client, John, who’s charged with domestic violence against his boys’ mother. Normally I’d consider this a clear signal of a possible threat.

HSP: (thinking to herself) – The safety and well-being of the children is always paramount in any case, but knowing John’s story and circumstances of his criminal charge and his history as a teacher, coach, and father to these two young boys, I can’t help but to feel some bit of sympathy for him. He hasn’t had any previous history of violence or conflicts with law enforcement. The guy just wants to reconnect with his children after having been away from them for more than 2 weeks.

HSP: (thinking to herself) – It seems to me that if John’s wife, Chahana, had a better handle on her own personal situation all of this could have been avoided. I mean she was in bed with his cousin. Anybody would be in a fit of rage if they came home to that.

HSP: (thinking to herself) – Let’s take step back here. I have enough experience with this to know there are no simple stories or simple solutions in this field. That’s one of the challenges I enjoy about this job. Also, I have to make sure that I am not letting personal values and emotions cloud my professional judgment.

HSP: (thinking to herself) – What’s in the best interest of my client and his family? What can I do in the immediate future to assist this family with their current situation?

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Ethics – Chapter 4

HSP: (thinking to herself) – I think a lot of these surrounding variables will be resolved once it’s clear as to whether John and Chahana decide to work out their issues or choose to move towards a permanent separation. We probably have some time until that happens though.

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