theatre script writing


In modern television, most series accept script proposals from outside their own hired writers, especially after the series has run a number of years. Your assignment is to choose any television show you would like and write a 500 to 1000 word script for that show. The format can be anything you choose, but needs to make clear who is talking. Any movement or action that is important to the scene but is not apparent from the spoken words needs to be written using parenthesis and italics or a different font from the dialogue font. These descriptions count as part of the word total for your scene.


John: I can smell you from here.

Sam: (Hiding his cigarette). What do you mean?

Try to have the scene contain a beginning, middle and end. You can assume that the person reading your scene is very well acquainted with the series, as would be the case if you were submitting a speculative script to that show. Have fun. Make something up. Create some new, imagined, direction for the show to take. Please don’t make me search to see if you copied one already done on that show. You never know, my tastes might not be what you think and I might watch the show you are using.

Any type of show is fine. Even reality shows (if you think many of them don’t have scripts, they often do). It does not have to contain all the series’ characters, but the scene needs to mainly be made up from existing characters, with a guest start or two, if you want.

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