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Our readings this week address the topic of globalization, crime and terrorism. I selected a reading by Javed Younas titled “Does Globalization Mitigate the Adverse Effects of Terrorism on Growth”. This is an important reading on several fronts since terrorist operations often are motivated to disrupt national economies while making the domestic population wary of international economic interference in domestic affairs. It is a complicated reading given its statistical method but Younas does a good job of explaining his primary findings. The second article by Gregg Barak focuses on globalization’s impact on crime and crime control practices at the domestic and international levels by looking at 15 different nations.

My first question is below:

The study by Younas focuses on 120 developing nations over a period of time from 1976-2008. Paying meticulous attention to the statistical analysis of his panel data, his findings seem consistent regarding this interplay of terrorism, globalization and economic growth. I would like you to state in your own words what you think is his primary finding. What other research findings did you find interesting and explain why they struck you as interesting. Finally, discuss the implications of the U-shaped relationship between globalization and growth in terms of how developing nations might better manage globalization to maximize its effect on both terrorism and growth.

Note: When you are done, I will send you classmates posts, please help me to answer their questions!

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