topic women of color in exploring ethnicity through film class i need a research proposal on women of color that needs to contain an argument or research question and use 4 sources from my class

“You will write a five-seven-page research project (1,250-1,750 words) as your final project. In order to complete this, use at least four sources from this course to frame your project and for inspiration.

“Part 1: Research Proposal (Due April 3): Your proposal must contain a topic of interest, an argument, research questions, and a list of 4 sources you intend to use from this course.”

Research Proposal needs to be really clear and have a clear central question that the thesis is going to answer. ; I need to state something like, this is the over arching question I’m thinking about ……………
And the sources with it.
Research can be from any film the whole semester from class

I was thinking of doing my paper on: Women of color
and if you choose to write this I can give you the 4 sources from class that may relate to this topic or central question

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