reading matiralsI would like you to read chapter one in the text by García, Johnson, & Seltzer. Please listen to the short powerpoint presentation and the lecture by Dr. Ofelia García.  The assignments for this week are to complete a square in the table on the purposes for translanguaging and participate in discussion board #1. 1 questionsDescribe the language policy in your school. Is there a bilingual education program, world languages program, or only general education with push-in support for bilingual students? What languages are in the school and community where the school is located?In your teaching do students have opportunities to use all of their languages? What purposes for translanguaging could you envision for students in your classroom or community?What is translanguaging and what does it mean for different types of language programs?Identify the purposes for translanguaging within a range of language programs (dual language, world language, and general education)Part (1)  posting your thoughts on the prompt above,example in attachmentPart (2)Purposes of Translanguaging tableexample in attachmentKeep in mind:All discussion board posts should be written in one’s own words and be approximately one-paragraph long. Posts should also be free of errors to ensure that other students can understand what you are trying to communicate.The responses should be one-paragraph long and connect to course readings.

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