truman doctrine primarily aided which two countries

The Truman Doctrine primarily aided which two countries?


(Points : 1)


India and Greece


Vietnam and Palestine


Greece and Turkey


Czechoslovakia and Hungary




2. American women after WWII


(Points : 1)


were fired in great numbers as factories converted from war to peacetime production.


took a backseat in employment to returning veterans.


continued to work, but lower-paying jobs than they occupied during war.


All of the above.




3. All of the following were proposals of President Truman’s Fair Deal except


(Points : 1)


repealing the Taft-Hartley Act.


improved civil rights


tax cuts for all Americans


raising the minimum wage




4. Americans felt all of the following after WWII except


(Points : 1)


a sense of optimism and national potential.


ready for the “American Century.”


unconcerned about the nuclear threat of the postwar.


victorious, strong, prosperous, and free.




5. President Truman did which of the following actions to promote civil rights?


(Points : 1)


Integrated the military in 1948.


Created a Committee on Civil Rights in 1946.


Issued an executive order in 1948 that barred discrimination in all federal agencies.


All of the above.




6. All of the following are true of the Korean War except


(Points : 1)


it resulted in the firing of General MacArthur by President Truman.


United Nations troops were involved.


it resulted in the deaths over 36,000 Americans.


it ended in a resounding American victory.




7. Congress passed which part of Truman’s Fair Deal?


(Points : 1)


compulsory health care insurance for all Americans.


ending the Taft-Hartley Act.


civil rights legislation.


increasing the minimum wage.




8. Which of the following statements about the 1948 presidential election is true?


(Points : 1)


The Republican nominee was Eisenhower.


Truman scored the biggest upset in American political history.


Pollsters predicted that Truman would win big.


The Republican candidate conducted a whistle-stop train tour.




9. Which of the following is true about labor during WWII?


(Points : 1)


Unions were greatly weakened during the war.


Union members, employers, and the federal government worked together during the war.


Union membership shrunk during the war.


The AFL and CIO cooperated closely throughout the war’s duration.




10. Senator McCarthy brought about his own downfall when


(Points : 1)


he attacked the US Army for harboring subversives.


most Americans did not believe McCarthy’s accusations.


he was not able to use the media effectively to promote his cause.


international events worked against his communist conspiracy theories.


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