Unit10 ProgDev DUE 03.16.2020

Unit10Disc1Executive SummaryOf the three programs that you have proposed, choose the one that you wish to present. In 250–500 words, write an executive summary of that proposal. Even in an executive summary, it is appropriate to cite others’ work.Unit10Disc2Self-Assessment of Program Development and Program Evaluation CompetenciesThis course has taken you through the process of recognizing a community need, proposing a program to address it, and determining evaluation approaches for this program. You have learned new knowledge. As you consider the tasks required throughout the program development and program evaluation processes, you may have come to know more about yourself, your skills, and your abilities.In this discussion, reflect on and articulate a self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses regarding program development and program evaluation. Highlight any ethical challenges you foresee for yourself if you engage in program development and program evaluation. Also, present strategies to strengthen your skills and abilities and to overcome these ethical challenges.

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